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* Free delivery on purchases of 70 euros or more

(You can order by combining it with other products.)

1. Order period: March 04 ~ March 20

2. Delivery Period: March 21~March 29
(After first receiving the order, the products are prepared and shipped.)

3. This box can be ordered with other products. Shipping is also done in one go. (Other products will ship with this box after March 21.)

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Instructions on how to eat noodle products and drinks will be attached and sent to you.

[Ottogi] Cup Noodle Udong Flavor 1EA
[Nongshim] Jjajang Noodles 1EA
Misutgaru (Multi-Grain Mixed Drink) 5EA
Gim (Seaweed) 2EA
[Haetae] Ohyes Mini (Chocolate Covered Cake) 2EA
[Samlip] Strawberry Jam Cookies 2EA
[Orion] Choco Pie 1EA
[Lotte] “Stone Age” (Dinosaur Egg Chocolate) 1EA
[Monkfish] Chocolate GHANA 1EA
[Crown] My chew (Apple candy) 1EA
[Crown] POTEAU (Cheese Crackers) 2EA
[Crwon] Rice crackers 2EA
[Haetae] Thin Potato Cookies 1EA
[Lotte] Kancho (cute chocolate candies) 1EA
[Monkfish] 3EA Green Grape Flavor Candy

Made in Korea


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