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Anti-blemish Combination Set

Made in Korea

1. [COSRX] Pure Fit Cica Powder (Renewal) 10g / 0.35 oz

- It can be mixed with products such as toner, essence, and cream.

- You can use this product alone by applying an appropriate amount to the acne-prone area.

- Seven centella ingredients soothe the skin. It is effective because it is in powder.

2. [IZEZE] Anyone Recovery Cream 80ml / 2.70 fl. oz.
This cream soothes sensitive skin.
It is recommended for these people.
- Skin sensitive to small changes
- Sensitive skin that often feels dry
- Unbalanced skin that cannot control sebum and humidity
- Those who are sensitive to the smell of cosmetics
Contains 795,000 ppm cypress water.
- Strengthen immune function
- Neutralize harmful substances
- Stress relief
- Prevention / care of skin diseases
- Antibacterial action
It contains adenosine.
Adenosine promotes collagen synthesis
and improves wrinkles by strengthening autonomy
skin cells.
It contains niacinamide.
Niacinamide reduces water loss,
strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin tone.
(It is a vitamin B complex that prevents
components that induce skin discoloration.)
Skin irritation test returned
a skin irritation index of 0.00.

(32 women aged 19 to 59 /
Human application test
primary skin patch stimulation)
Gift. [MEDIHEAL] Cloth mask
Tea Tree Care Solution Essential EX 24ml (0.81 fl. oz.) 2EA
This is one of Korea's most famous masks.
- This is a mask that can be used
on sensitive skin
and is good for soothing acne.
- This mask can be used
for all skin types.
- This is a mask sheet that
adheres well to the skin.
- No parabens have been added.

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